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Digital printing opens up new possibilities for cost and time efficiency in printing. Short run projects are now feasible. Fast turnaround is achievable and quality is no longer an issue. SPIRE Express has been working in the digital print space since its inception in 1994. Having helped to evangelize the market, we are experts in all aspects of digital printing.

Digital Color Printing Comparison Chart

Canon NexPress Quickmaster DI 74 Karat
Turnaround (days) > 1 2-4 3-5 2-4
Run length 1-250 25-3,000 500-10,000 250-15,000
Size – up to 11″ x 17″ w/bleed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stock limitations Yes Yes No No
Toner/Ink Toner Dry Ink Ink Ink
Comparative Quality * ** *** ***
Variable imaging Limited Yes No No

Note: Turnarounds are calculated from receipt of signed proof and do not account for complex bindery.


The Canon is best suited for short-run work. We typically recommend it for comps, initial proofs and some small signage needs. For any print runs longer than approximately 250 pages, or print runs requiring high-quality, we recommend the NexPress.

Typical Projects: Comps, presentations, proposals


  • Type of Press Toner-based, sheet fed
  • Max SizeTabloid (11” x 17”) w/bleed
  • StockUp to 80# cover
  • ColorsFour-color process
  • InkToner
  • Typical TurnSame day/next day
  • Optimal RunIdeal for runs of 1-250
  • Other InterestLimited bleed capability


The NexPress is a revolutionary Digital Press. It uses a “dry-ink” technology which allows for a very precise dot. Therefore the print quality is excellent. Because the process is fully digital, and has a powerful front-end, large four-color variable data projects are easily accommodated on this press. One-to-one marketing never looked so good!

Typical Projects: Any full color project, postcards, brochures, test market books, presentations, proposals, color financial statements, and variable imaging projects.


  • Type of PressDry Ink based, sheet fed
  • Max SizeTabloid (11” x 17”) w/bleed
  • StockLarge stock selection, up to 90# cover
  • ColorsFour-color process, duplex
  • InkDry Ink Technology
  • Typical Turn2 – 4 days
  • Optimal RunIdeal for runs of 25 – 3000 or unlimited variable imaging projects.
  • Other InterestFull-bleed capability, four-color variable data capability, high volume capacity

74 Karat Digital press

The 74 Karat combines high-quality waterless sheetfed offset printing with a fully digital workflow and direct to plate imaging automation. High production speeds of 10,000 sheets per hour also make it possible to print jobs of 15,000 copies cost-effectively. The Karat creates a brilliant color with a sharp dot while still maintaining the finest gradations. It also has a quick drying, in-line coating capabilities. Sheet size ranges from 8.27″ x 11.69″ (A4) up to 20.5″x 29.13″.


  • Type of PressSheetfed Offset
  • Max Size28.5 x 20 w/bleed
  • StockLarge stock selection of up 120#
  • ColorsFour color plus in-line coating
  • InkWaterless offset
  • Typical Turn2-4 days
  • Optimal RunIdeal for runs from 250 up to 15,000 sheets

XEROX 7000

Are you looking for 1 solution for your variable data printing? A system that is ideally suited for commercial print, service bureau, data center, and in-plant/CRD operations? At Spire Express we can offer the solution in the XEROX 7000. It is perfect for training manuals, presentations, newsletters and variable information printing all in one in-line operation.

It supports a wide range of high-value applications and environments, including:

  • Print-on-demand and Web-to-print
  • Unified offset and digital printing
  • Book printing
  • Personalized marketing
  • Cross media and 1-to-1 publishing
  • Transactional promotional communications

Heidelberg QuickMaster DI

The Quickmaster offers offset print quality, driven by digital print technology. With traditional inks, blankets and screening, the final product is offset print. However, the plates are imaged directly on the press which reduces make-ready time and ensures a crisp image with excellent registration.

Typical Projects: Any short-run or fast turn print project needing traditional ink on paper.


  • Type of PressDigitally driven sheetfed offset press
  • Max SizeTabloid (11” x 17”) w/bleed
  • StockUp to 100# cover
  • ColorsFour-color process
  • InkWaterless Ink
  • Typical Turn3 – 5 days
  • Optimal Run 500 – 10,000 single form
  • Other InterestFull bleed capability

Commercial Sheetfed Offset Printing

SPIRE Express offers traditional sheetfed offset printing on two-color – six-color presses with offline finishing. Commercial Offset is suitable for high quality, longer print runs that might require saddle stitching and perfect binding. It is also a great solution for litho art reproductions. Our experienced staff ensures that your print projects are successful every time.

Typical Projects: Any commercial print project


  • Type of PressSheetfed Offset
  • Max Size29″ and 40″
  • StockUp to 120# cover
  • ColorsSix-color, with aqueous and varnish coating
  • InkTraditional and metallic inks
  • PrepressDirect-to-plate workflow

Heat Set Web Offset Printing

SPIRE Express offers Heat Set Web Offset printing specifically designed for long run, full size catalog and 2-up digest books. Half-webs with in-line combination folders, and gluing stations are capable of delivering a finished product without ever going to the bindery. Full size single and double web press from 26” – 54” roll widths can create catalog signatures from 4 pages to 48 pages in a single pass ready for the bindery.

Typical Projects: Medium to long run commercial printing


  • Max Size26” – 54” single and double heat set webs
  • StockUp to 70# text weights through combination folders
  • Colors8 color including UV coating
  • InkTraditional and metallic inks
  • PrepressDirect-to-plate workflow