Direct Mail Marketing Services

As part of our mailing services, we offer direct mail services from the best in the business. Communicating with your audience individually is a lot different than broadcasting to them as a group, what you say is a function of how much you know about each individual. Using direct mail, and in particular variable data printing, Spire Express can help you get closer to the customer.

We excel at variable data marketing to deliver your message to the right person – at the right time. Although email is quickly catching up, the most commonly used medium for direct marketing is direct mail.  Direct mail comes in many different formats:

  1. Variable Data: Programmable mail pieces built dynamically from database information, and printed digitally for faster production.
  2. Catalogs: Multi-page bound promotions, usually featuring a selection of products for sale.
  3. Self-mailers: Pieces usually created from a single sheet that has been printed and folded.
  4. Poly-bag packages: Large, full-color packages sealed in a clear plastic outer wrap. The contents show through the poly-bag, giving the potential for maximum initial impact. Poly-bag packages can be extremely effective.
  5. Postcards: Simple, two-sided pieces, with a promotional message on one side and the customer’s address on the other.
  6. Envelope mailers: Mailings in which the marketing material is placed inside an envelope. This permits the client to include more than one insert.
  7. Snap Mailers: Mailers that fold and seal with pressure. The sides detach and the mailer is opened to reveal the message.
  8. Dimensional Mailers: Mailers that have some dimension to them, like a small box.

Bulk mail rates enable us to send mail at rates that are substantially lower than regular first-class rates. In order to qualify for these rates, Spire Express must format and sort the mail in particular ways to reduce the handling required by the USPS.

Direct Mail Marketing has several advantages:

  1. Targeting – Historically, the most important aspect of direct mail was its ability to precisely target previous customers. If a suitable list was available, it also did a good job of targeting prospects.
  2. Personalization – Direct mail can address the customer personally and be tailored to their needs based on previous transactions and gathered data.
  3. Optimization – Because of its direct accountability, direct mail can be tested to find the best list; the best offer; the best timing (and many other factors).
  4. Analysis – The bulk mailing is large enough to allow statistical analyses.  With suitable media or source codes, the performance of lists can be captured for future direct mailings.
  5. Accumulation – Responses (and non-responses) can be added to the database, allowing future mailings to be better targeted.

To be fair, direct mail also has several disadvantages:

  1. Cost – The cost per thousand will be higher than almost any other form of mass promotion (although the wastage rate may be much lower).
  2. Waste – Large quantities of paper are thrown away.
  3. Alienation – Some recipients resent direct marketing being “forced” upon them, and boycott companies that do so.

Contact Spire Express today to see if Direct Mail is right for you.

With our one-stop shop capability we can design your mail piece, manage your data, print and mail your piece, and do your analysis/reporting. This results in a quick and inexpensive turnaround, with less chance of hand-off mistakes between multiple vendors.