Graphic Design for Packaging – Portland, Maine

In Maine we are blessed with some great packaging firms. It must have something to do with our forest products history. Carrying on that tradition for Maine packaging design, Spire Express is active on several levels. We help package graphic designers optimize their files before they send to film or press. Equally, we have run untold amounts of film for package firms.

This is a good time to say what we don’t do: package die design. This is an art form best left to the engineers that specialize in stress points and load factors. We work with these firms in this context, but it’s not our specialty. What Spire Express does very well is graphic design for packages. We take an existing package die layout and add graphic design overlays.

Conceptualizing a three-dimensional package, its uses and folds, unfolds, squeezes, etc. is what our packaging graphic designers do. It’s not just about color, fonts and pictures anymore. We take pride in developing attention-grabbing packaging that stops a consumer in their tracks…and continues to please as they buy and use our clients’ products.

For packaging design that flies off the shelves, contact Spire Express today.