Watch those plugins!

Browser Extension fraud affecting millions of Chrome users has been taken down by security researcher Jamila Kaya using Cisco’s duo software. Read the entire post here. Cisco’s Duo Security released CRXcavator, an automated Chrome extension security assessment tool, for free last year in order to reduce the risk that Chrome extensions present to organizations and …

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Oauth vulnerability

If you’re serious about security, you’re probably by now using Oauth to login to your email (or other accounts) instead of login/password pair. In face, Gsuite just announced that they’re deprecating login/password authentication. Here’s some disturbing news, however. It appears that there are some bad actors that have figured out a way to get around …

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WordPress Security

Mark Maunder, CEO of wordfence, shares a formula for wordpress security. Lots of good ideas in here; this is a blueprint for success. 10 touchpoints.

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Beware Abandoned WordPress Plugins

Check out the article from wordfence regarding abandoned and out-of-date wordpress plugins. There are thousands of plugins available on the wordpress repository. Their use can greatly amplify the usefulness of the wordpress platform. However, as the article points out, many have not been updated in years, and may contain vulnerabilities. It is best to stick with …

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Web Selling Stats

Most online consumers enjoy shopping the web via a computer more than going to a store, according to a study of 1,035 online consumers last fall by research and advisory firm The E-Tailing Group Inc. With respondents free to name more than one channel, 68% said the web offers an excellent or very good shopping …

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