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Any marketing program should be seamless to your clients.

Top reasons for failure

  1. Lack of executive support
  2. Poor user involvement
  3. Lack of experienced project management
  4. Lack of clear business objectives
  5. Inability to manage and minimize scope
  6. Lack of a formal methodology
  7. Lack of reliable estimates

SPIRE Express – Design and development company | Approach

  1. Appropriate executive involvement
  2. Driven by users, with a user research capability
  3. Experienced program management
  4. Establishes explicit business objectives (EBO)
  5. Rigorous scope management
  6. Fixed price drives world class estimation


  1. Develop roadmap
  2. Rapid vision creation
  3. Business case and EBO
  4. Drive key decisions, buy in
  5. High level processes
  6. Rapid Assessment


  1. Vision, EBO, refinement
  2. Detail process requirements
  3. Organizational buy-in
  4. Research and Modeling
  5. Scenario building
  6. Scope vs. dollars tradeoff
  7. Implementation planning


  1. Technology
  2. Buy and/or Build
  3. Integrate & Test
  4. Performance
  5. Business Process
  6. Address gaps
  7. Prepare for change
  8. Usability
  9. Continuous scope mgmt

Outsourced Support

  1. Measurement of EBO
  2. Support
  3. Maintenance
  4. Enhancements
  5. Client satisfaction
  6. Measured at end-all phases
  7. Drives compensation

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