Pre Press Production

Catalog Production

Catalog production really shouldn’t be any more work than say, a brochure x the number of pages in the catalog, but it can seem like a lot more. Catalogs sometimes get out of control and take more time to produce than they should. The primary requirement for successfully producing a catalog is organization.

In the world of publishing, organization equals data management. It’s best to capture the products and pricing data in a database or spreadsheet. SPIRE Express has the necessary tools to flow the data into the design. By separating content and design, it makes it easier to repurpose the data (e.g. for your website). We’ll assemble a dedicated team for your catalog and keep it on track and on schedule.

File Imposition

Imposition is the process of assembling pages into a layout that will print on press. Many times this role is filled by the printer but occasionally it makes sense to have someone else do it. We can do something as simple as prepare an imposed canon dummy of your job or as complex as imposing finished files, ready for film or plate, with press marks included. We’ll work with your printer (or better, if we’re printing, our press department) to determine the plate bend and necessary pressmarks and color bars.

By preparing imposed dummies of your book or catalog you can frequently save money downstream. The process of imposing a file shows up problems with creep, crossovers, alignment and backup that don’t show up in flat lasers. By identifying the problems at an early stage, they are much less costly to fix than when final plates are made.

Another use for imposition is for duping items like business cards or post cards. We can gang your multiple business cards into a form that will print on your laser printer or your local printer, or our press department.


At Spire Express, we have the experience that it takes to help you design packaging that is successful and effective. Our extensive background in packaging will keep you from “shooting yourself in the foot” when it comes to what will print well on press. We can take your rough design and make it fit into the pressroom’s dieline, and even communicate with them regarding press marks, trap settings, and bleeds. Once again, we take the pain out of the process, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best.

We can assist you in file preparation, imposition, trapping, and proofing, or any of these processes, according to your needs. Feel free to plug into the process wherever you need us. We’ll do what it takes to see that you’re successful. Need a barcode set? We’re an expert on barcodes as well.

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