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Responsive Web Design Services

Responsive Design Services

Presently, anywhere from 10 to 55% of web users access our pages on some kind of mobile device, either phone or tablet. It’s important not to frustrate those users by making them access a large web page designed for a desktop computer. We are a responsive web design firm, which means that our sites are built using responsive technology. Our responsive web design services include coding to cover the most commonly used screen sizes, ensuring that users see all of your content on any device that they might be using. Usually, navigation collapses to a hamburger button on the smaller screen sizes.

Mobile Website Development Services

Our mobile website development services also include the use of widgets and plugins to show interactive media (e.g. video) sized for the portal size of the device used. Our goal is to keep your users on-site as long as possible. Users are less likely to bounce from a site that has a responsive design, increasing on-site time and pages per visit. When these metrics increase, Google is likely to view your site as more relevant, which boosts search engine position as well. Google is now weighting the factor of mobile-friendliness when ranking pages, which is an important reason to use a responsive web design agency for your web development.

Responsive Web Design Agency
Responsive Web Design Agency