Portland, Maine – Advertising Fulfillment – File Conversion

file-conversionThese days when one thinks of file conversion, PDF immediately comes to mind. As part of our advertising fulfillment services, we have the latest software that will enable us to convert your source document to a PDF file of whatever flavor (application) your publication requires. Our pdf files are preflighted using the latest tools before they leave our shop. We check for font embedding, graphics resolution, and TAC (total area coverage). Additionally we look for any problem areas that our experience tells us may cause problems on press. We will point these out to you, giving you the opportunity to save MONEY and time downstream.

Since we have the latest software versions of the major graphics programs, Spire Express can help you out when your client provides you with a recent version that you don’t have. We can backsave your Quark Express document to a version that Adobe Indesign will open or export your Indesign file as an .inx file if need be.

We stand behind our file conversions as well. If your publication has an issue with a converted file, we work through the issue 24/7 with the publication, saving you time and effort, allowing you time to do what you do best.

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