Marketing Strategy, Product Development

Marketing is a multifaceted term that covers what an organization sells and how it sells those products or services. As part of our range of marketing solutions, we help organizations develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. There are several steps to successful marketing:

Product Development

Markets can change frequently so marketing is a continuous effort that demands occasional market research. The data gathered from research is used to develop and position products and services for the maximum sales in the marketplace.


Pricing is factored into research and development ensuring access to/for customers and profit for the company.


Once the product/service and price structures are determined, distribution is next. Numerous options exist including catalogs, mail services, distributors, retail outlets, and the Internet.


A company must determine the most effective way to communicate with its target audience. Promotion includes everything from creating a corporate identity to crafting the appropriate messages to selecting appropriate promotion for the chosen distribution channels; media advertising, direct mail, sales people, Internet, publicity, and public relations.  Creating the appropriate budget and mix of these elements is critical to the success of the promotional campaign.

A Marketing Communications strategy will have several facets that may include one or more of the following: Strategic Planning, Marketing Programs and Marketing Plans.  These usually start out with Market Research, which is accomplished through: Focus Groups, Name Awareness, Competitive Analysis, Advertising Effectiveness, and Surveys.

A large subset of marketing is Public Relations, or PR.  This can be delivered through; Event Promotion, Crisis Management, Organizational Positioning, Community Relations, and Key Public Positioning.

For Media Services, Spire Express largely focuses on Evaluation and Planning, and of course our specialty, Ad Placement.

Internal Communications usually involves variables of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment and/or, Employee Communication Programs.  Our Web Services include, Strategic Planning, Web Site Content Development, Web Site Design, Links Consultation, and Internet Advertising.  Whilst Creative Services can include; Logos and Corporate Identity Packages, Collateral Design, Print Campaigns, Broadcast Campaigns, Trade Show Booths, Audio Visual Presentations, and of course Illustration.
These are the implemented offerings to a plan that might look like the following:

Executive Summary

    • Section 1: Introduction
    • Section 2: Marketing Vision
    • Section 3: Service Definition
      1. packaging
      2. distribution channels
      3. pricing
    • Section 4: Positioning and Differentiation
      1. product positioning
      2. corporate positioning
    • Section 5: Market Definition and Selection
      1. customer segments
      2. functions supported
    • Section 6: Product Life Cycle
      1. market development
      2. rapid sales growth
      3. competitive turbulence
      4. saturated maturity
      5. decline

(from consumer & service provider perspectives)

    • Section 7: Marketing Strategies
      1. goals & objectives of each phase
      2. detailed action plans
      3. budget and resources
    • Section 8:  Marketing Systems Audit
    • Section 9: Conclusion

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