Graphic Design

Portland, Maine Professional Website, Brochure, Catalog, and Direct Mail Graphic Design

Compelling Visual Ideas

At Spire Express, our customer-focused process and graphic design talents have created success for hundreds of clients. Whether you are a startup with vague ideas about design or an experienced business looking to add pizzazz to a tired campaign, our creative services will create a solution that works for you.

Our excellent graphic design positions your business and appeals to customers. The designs we use in your brochures, catalogues and direct mail pieces will project experience, aptitude and sophistication. And people will notice.

Graphic design is the process of communicating visually using text and/or images to present information, or promote a message. Graphic design practice embraces a range of skills and crafts, including typography, image development and page layout. At Spire Express, the process and the products are produced with purpose, to bring our clients more business.  Spire Express is not interested in winning design awards.  We measure our success by using our clients key performance indicator; more customers.

Look at your printed promotion pieces. Do they convey competence? Project professionalism? Reveal your values? Show your cutting-edge vibe? Or do they scream amateur, unfocused or sloppy? When we handle your graphic design, your printed pieces will say exactly what you want them to say.

Choose a Professional

You hire an accountant to handle your financial matters and an attorney to handle your legal affairs, so you know putting your creative services in the hands of a professional designer will return a far greater profit than the money you might save by handling it yourself.  Effective graphic design is all about the details. Choosing colors, fonts and images that appeal to a particular demographic is both an art and a science. By working with one of our experienced designers, you leverage the nuances of layout and achieve a marketing piece that communicates clearly.

The graphic designers at Spire Express know how to present information in a way that will elicit the desired response, whether it be to convey a message or to persuade a potential buyer. From brochures and signs to logos and websites, Spire Express offers professional design services that get results. We start at the end; what’s the purpose or objective of the design project.  That also allows us to measure the success of our graphic design. The conceptual stage starts with visualizing initial ideas, then laying out the design, to final preparation of artwork for print or other mediums.

We produce graphic designs for use as:

As an added benefit to our clients, because Spire Express has full pre-press capabilities, our clients have complete confidence that what they see in a pdf or on their screen will look right in other mediums as well.  Only Spire Express can do this because we have:

  • Familiarity with the anomalies between digital files and printing presses
  • Knowledge of all major graphic arts software
  • SWOP / GRACOL proofs

For graphic design that creates customers, contact Spire Express today.