Television Broadcast Production

Portland, Maine Broadcast Production for Television and TV Commercials

Spire Express utilizes professional project management combined with expert creative teams to exceed clients’ needs every time. We produce a television commercial that will stand out among other local commercials. The purpose of the spot is to brand and market your company or products/services. We make sure you have a television spot that clearly and effectively promotes your message. We can also work with you, or handle distribution. We will meet your deadlines and once we start a project you will not have to worry about your investment.

Our broadcast production team takes several steps to produce the TV commercial. Spire Express’s TV Commercial capabilities gives clients the option to pick and choose our services, a la carte. We can do some, or all of these broadcast production services:

Define Objective

The focus of the commercial is to promote your brand or product. We would emphasis this and would incorporate both your specific slogan and the other general slogans in the commercial. Because commercials can be leveraged over time we would advocate the client invest in producing TV spots on film. The quality of the production and visibility of the message can justify this investment. The rich colors and high-resolution make these commercials stand out from locally produced spots. Film can also be transferred easily to HDTV. The less expensive option, which we also use frequently, is digital video.

Scope of services

We develop storyboards for commercials, plan production including shoot locations, hire crew and handle all post production to produce great commercials.

Pre Production


We work with clients, or third parties, in the creative process. Spire Express takes a unique approach for every job while maintaining a business focus.


The treatment outlines the project and is much like the blueprint of a house. Clients receive a rough idea of how the TV commercial will look when completed, design elements are explored, target market audiences are identified and the needed distribution methods are identified.


Scripting provides the road map for production. Clients work closely with our producers in developing the plan for your project. Content experts are very involved in providing ideas and information about the subject matter. This process may involve several drafts until clients are completely satisfied with the design/script. A design/script is finalized before production begins.
Example Script


Based on the script, all of the needed shots are mapped out before any shooting begins. To organize our ideas on the chosen topic, we make a storyboard. A storyboard is a detailed plan of different clips/shots and the basic flow of the video, complete with interview subjects and narration scripts.
Example Storyboard


We can scout locations appropriate to shoot the production based upon the storyboard.



We share creative and composing responsibilities with clients on each aspect of the process. Based on the storyboard, we then begin arranging interviews and assigning certain shots to tape.


With our professional cameras and staff, we begin the video shoot. Following the shot list, we capture all of the footage with attention to creativity and detail.

Technical Aspects

Our in-depth knowledge of key systems and platforms ensures the best performance from every application. We will provide professional lighting, audio and grip personnel and equipment for all shoots. Our equipment includes the best available in the industry. It also allows us to do multi-camera productions and to be accommodating and cost effective.

Post production

With a full post-production facility available we have the latest in linear and non-linear editing for both video and audio. Our editing talents come into play as we take clients projects from initial ideas to a finished program quickly and effortlessly. We use the latest hardware and the very best in software technology, giving us full creative control through every stage of the creation process.


We deliver a rough edit for a review. A final edit is created based upon feedback and creative input.


The ability to animate 2-D graphics provides the production with moving graphics and visual effects. This multi-layer video compositing lends itself to multi-media graphic imagery.


Spire Express has an extensive music library available— classical, jazz, oldies, rock and more— we’ve got the right music for the right shot. We can also assist the client in acquiring rights to any licensed music.


Our experience in production means that we have a large available cast of characters. Portland, Maine is teeming with talent and we have the connections to voice the production to perfection. Narration is recorded we can match the script with the clips and record clear, informative narration.


The final presentation is mastered onto a digital format.

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