Mailing Services

The final steps of a project can clinch the success of a marketing campaign. With our mailing services and fulfillment services we can see your project through to completion. Spire Express has years of experience in managing direct mail beginning with data base list management, mail personalization, variable messaging and selective demographic mailing.

Mailing Capabilities

SPIRE Express offers a full line of mailing services for your materials.
  1. List Management
  2. Postal Analysis & Optimization
  3. Inkjet Imaging
  4. Variable Messaging
  5. Demographic Mailing
  6. Spot Laser Imaging
  7. Match Mailing
  8. Insertions
  9. Folding
  10. Tabbing
  11. Gluing
  12. Machine Tipping
  13. Blow-in cards
  14. Dot whacking
  15. Polybagging and Shrink-wrapping
  16. Drop Ship, Newsstand and Subscriber Distribution
  17. Direct Delivery To Postal BMC and SCF for Postage Discounts

LTL and private shipping, special projects, kitting, order fulfillment, merchandise picking and stock management. SPIRE Express can also warehouse your material on skids or containers for future use.

Contact SPIRE Express today for mail services that turn ideas into customers.