Color Proofs – Portland, Maine

At Spire Express we always like to give someone one last chance to pay attention. In printing, that is a Color Proof. Think of it like an insurance premium for your print job or advertisement. Chances are that everyone involved has seen the project files and prints many times, read the copy over and over, and made many changes and suggestions. Frankly, many of those involved may be tired of the process and are ready to sign off just to get it off their desk.

Fight the urge to dismiss the proof as trivial. Everyone needs to look at it with new eyes. Read it carefully, cover to cover, make any changes directly on the proof (skip the post-it notes; sorry 3M!). We will sometimes prepare two proofs, one for color and another for content (“reader” or “folding proof”). Check out the content proof to see if things are backed up correctly, if crossovers work, etc. The flat color proofs won’t show any of these errors but will show accurate color.

In the case of a digital job, sometimes the proof is made directly on the device that will ultimately print the job. This is the ideal situation, but not always feasible, depending on schedules. We will let you know the accuracy rating of the proofing device to the printing press when you receive your proofs.

Above all, don’t take the proof lightly. If there is a concern, mark it on the proof. We’ll address them one at a time. It’s a good idea to make a laundry list of the concerns and changes as well (what page, which paragraph, etc.) so that we can check them off as the issues are resolved.

We have the most accurate proofing software, devices and pre-press department in the industry. Contact us today, we’re paying attention!