Digital Asset Management

Would you leave your company’s physical assets lying around, unorganized, un-cataloged, and susceptible to being lost or misplaced? Of course not. Then why do so many companies treat their digital assets with such disregard? SPIRE Express can help you with your digital asset management, using tools as simple as an ftp server or as complex as media management software with a web front-end. Using the appropriate tool, your company can catalog and store your media files according to keyword, so that you and your clients or vendors can access them quickly.

How much time does your organization spend looking for digital assets? Are you still using a peer-to-peer network? Is your server littered with multiple copies of the same file, with no indication of their source or purpose? By managing your digital assets effectively, you’ll save time (and therefore money) and costly mistakes.

Many companies depend on the “go-to person” that set up their server long ago. If your company depends heavily on such a person, have you considered what might happen when he/she leaves the company? A good system allows anyone in the organization to retrieve needed assets quickly without intervention, even years later.

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