Portland, Maine Advertising Fulfillment – Campaign Management

Rather than having to deal with your ad campaign management on a day-by-day basis, consider having Spire Express manage it for you. Once you have your plan organized, turn it over to us with the creative files. As part of our advertising fulfillment services, we will preflight the approved master creative files, size them as necessary according to the publication specs and fulfill on the target date. We can serve a password-protected database over the Internet to you so that you check the status of the campaign or get proof of delivery.

Spire Express will size the creative and send you a low-res pdf proof. Once approved, we will create a hard-copy proof appropriate for the publication and ship proof and file via FedEx. After delivery, we are available for follow-through with the publications if there are any issues with the materials that we ship.

Essentially, we take away all the headaches of ad fulfillment. In addition, we create an ftp account on our server for you so that you can access your master creative remotely at any time. By using a master creative, it assures that the latest version of an ad is always used for future ads.

Spire Express also excels at newspaper fulfillment. The workflow is very similar to magazine fulfillment with a couple of exceptions. First, the files need to be prepared differently (newspaper dot gain and TAC). If you don’t know what TAC is, then you definitely need our services. Secondly, newspaper fulfillment is usually electronic (as opposed to FedEx). We have the expertise to make sure that your ad is sent where it needs to go on time. And if there are problems, we’re available to deal with them, morning, noon and night.

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