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Commercial Image Scanning – Portland, Maine

High Resolution Scanning demands three inputs:

  1. Effective Images: your creation, prepped by our experts
  2. Best Equipment
  3. Experienced Color Separators: Our experts understand the color craft AND the technology

Only Spire Express has all three inputs required for scanning and the best color separations.

Scanning and Color Separations

Our color separation provides high quality color separations by combining traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. Product matches, complicated retouching, silos and page building are all part of our comprehensive services.


  1. Color Correction
  2. Product Matches
  3. Image Retouching
  4. Montages
  5. Special Effects
  6. Image Archival
  7. ColorBurst Proofs

Let us know what you plan to do with the scan, whether it’s for magazine or newspaper use, what type of paper it’s printing on, and what the final size will be. We’ll tailor the scan to the intended use.

Contact SPIRE Express today for scanning services that turn ideas into customers.